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How to Reach the 90% Reading Goal
Reasons for the goal
How to reach the 90% reading goal

Ready for Kindergarten
The 90% Reading Goal is an idea borrowed from the book, The 90% Reading Goal,
and the Kennewick School District.

The 90% Reading Goal is: 90% of our students will read at or above grade level by the end of third grade.
This goal would be a bold national goal for education, the equivalent of the 1961 pledge to land on the moon and return safely by the end of the decade.

The District has determined the criteria for achieving grade level reading. The criteria has been developed as part of a dialogue with the Rochester School Board and The District Management team. Various grade level teachers, NWEA staff and the norming studies have been utilized. A student must exceed the RIT score that is the 40th percentile on either the Fall or Spring NWEA reading tests to be considered reading on grade level.

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