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"The Mission of the Rochester School Department is to ensure quality educational experiences."

School Assignment Zone Policy

Students shall be assigned to schools based upon their home address.

The only exceptions are listed below:

  1. Special needs of specifically coded students.

  2. Class size in each school building, understanding that the Rochester School Board goals for class size have been set at 18 in kindergarten, 22 students per classroom in grades 1, 2 and 25 students per classroom in grades 3, 4 and 5.

  3. Keeping siblings in the same school building (except in the case of the Nancy Loud School, School Street School and Maple Street School, which do not house all elementary grades)


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Street Name Elementary School
Abbott Street ER/NLS
Academy Street Allen
Adams Avenue Chamberlain
Adelia Street McClelland
Alder Creek Lane Chamberlain
Alexander Lane Allen
Alice Lane Allen
Allen Street Chamberlain
Amanda Street McClelland
Amarosa Drive ER/NLS
Anctil Court Gonic
Anderson Lane Chamberlain
Anita Street Allen
Antrim Lane ER/NLS
Apple Orchard Road Allen
Arbor Way Gonic
Arrow Street William Allen
Aruba Drive Allen
Ashleigh Way Allen
Ashwood Drive Chamberlain
Aspen Lane Gonic
Attwood Street ER/NLS
Autumn Place ER/NLS
Autumn Street ER/NLS
Balsam Street Allen back
Barker Court Chamberlain
Barrington Lane McClelland
Barry Villa (616 Portland St / Woodlands) Chamberlain
Baxter Lake Drive McClelland
Beach Lane ER/NLS
Beaudoin Avenue Allen
Beauview Street McClelland
Beechtree Lane McClelland
Bermuda Lane Allen
Bernard Road ER/NLS
Berry Street  Chamberlain
Betts Road Chamberlain
Bickford Road McClelland
Bicycle Avenue McClelland
Big Bear Road ER/NLS
Bigos Court Chamberlain
Birch Drive Allen
Birch Hollow Lane Allen
Birch Street Allen
Birchwood Avenue Chamberlain
Birchwood Drive ER/NLS
Blackwater Road Gonic
Blair Drive ER/NLS
Blake Street Allen
Blossom Lane ER/NLS
Blue Hills Drive McClelland
Blueberry Lane Allen
Bouchard Street McClelland
Boulder Avenue Allen
Bow Court ER/NLS
Boysenberry Lane Allen
Bradley Court Allen
Bramber II Condos. Allen
Brattle Street William Allen
Brenda Lane Chamberlain
Brentwood Drive Gonic
Briar  Allen
Brickyard Drive Gonic
Bridge Street Allen
Bridle Woods (616 Portland St) Chamberlain
Brittany Court ER/NLS
Broad Street Allen
Broadway Street ER/NLS
Brochu Court William Allen
Brock Street McClelland
Bronze Court ER/NLS
Brook Street Allen
Brookfield Drive Allen
Brownstone Lane Chamberlain
Bryant Street Allen
Buffy Street ER/NLS
Bunker Drive Gonic
Burr Court ER/NLS
Butterfly Lane Chamberlain
Calef Highway Gonic back
Capitol Circle McClelland
Cardinal Drive McClelland
Caribbean Lane Allen
Carpenter Lane Allen
Cascades Road Gonic
Catherine Street Allen
Cattail Place ER/NLS
Cecile Court Gonic
Cedar Brook Village McClelland
Cemetary Road Gonic
Central Avenue School Street
Chamberlain Street Chamberlain
Champlin Ridge Road Allen
Channing's Way Chamberlain
Chapman Drive Gonic
Charles Prescott Estates MHP ER/NLS
Charles Street Allen
Chasse Street McClelland
Chesley Hill Road (162-272) Gonic
Chesley Hill Road (35-159) McClelland
Chestnut Hill Mobile Home Park Chamberlain
Chestnut Hill Road Chamberlain
Chestnut Street William Allen
Chocorua Way McClelland
Church Street Gonic Gonic
Cider Hill Road Allen
Cinder Court ER/NLS
Claire Street McClelland
Clamshell Drive ER/NLS
Clayton Avenue Chamberlain
Clearview Drive Chamberlain
Cleo Circle ER/NLS
Cleveland Street William Allen
Clow Court School Street
Club House Lane Chamberlain
Cocheco Avenue ER/NLS
Cocheco Bend McClelland
Colby Street Gonic
Cold Spring Manor McClelland
Coleman Street Allen
Colonial Drive Gonic
Columbus Avenue-Linscott Court Chamberlain
Common Street Allen
Community Way Chamberlain
Concord Way McClelland
Congress Street Allen
Conifer Circle Allen
Continental Boulevard Allen
Copeland Drive Allen
Copper Lane ER/NLS
Cormier Drive Allen
Corson Street Chamberlain
Country Lane Chamberlain
Country Ridge Park Allen
Court Street School Street
Cove Court William Allen
Cove Road McClelland
Coxeter Square School Street
Cranberry Lane Allen
Creteau Street McClelland
Crimson Lane ER/NLS
Crockett Street Allen
Cross Road Chamberlain
Crowhill Road ER/NLS
Crown Point Road McClelland
Cushing Boulevard McClelland
Cynthia Drive Allen
D’Amours Avenue Gonic back
Daffodil Hill Lane ER/NLS
Daigle Way Chamberlain
Daisy Lane ER/NLS
Daniel Court School Street
Darby Lane McClelland
Darrell Street McClelland
Dartmouth Lane Chamberlain
David Drive Allen
Davis Boulevard ER/NLS
Day Lilly Lane ER/NLS
Deerfield Court Chamberlain
Demeritt Street Gonic
DeNali Drive ER/NLS
Dewberry Lane Allen
Dewey Street McClelland
Diamondback ER/NLS
Dockside Lane Allen
Dodge Court School Street
Dodge Street Allen
Dolphin Drive ER/NLS
Dominicus Court Chamberlain
Donald Street Gonic
Dora Drive Chamberlain
Dow Court WillIam Allen
Downfield Lane Chamberlain
Dreyer Way Allen
Drury Drive McClelland
Dry Hill Road McClelland
Dublin Way Allen
Duquette Street McClelland
Durgin Street ER/NLS
Durham Lane McClelland
Dustin Homestead McClelland
Dustin Terrace Allen
Eagle Drive ER/NLS back
Easter Lane Allen
Eastern Avenue Chamberlain
Eastwind Lane Chamberlain
Ebony Drive McClelland
Echo Brook Road Gonic
Edgerly Way Allen
Edgewood Lane Chamberlain
Efab Lane Gonic
Ela Court Allen
Elderberry Lane Allen
Elizabeth Street McClelland
Elmo Lane Chamberlain
Emerson Avenue McClelland
Emerson Court McClelland
England Road Gonic
Erin Lane ER/NLS
Estes Road  McClelland
Estes Road  McClelland
Evans Road McClelland
Evergreen Lane McClelland
Factory Court Allen back
Fairway Avenue McClelland
Falkland Land Allen
Farmington Road McClelland
Farrington Street School Street
Felker Street Gonic
Fern Street School Street
Fernald Lane Chamberlain
Fiddlehead Lane McClelland
Fieldstone Lane Chamberlain
Fifth Avenue Chamberlain
Fifth Street Chamberlain
First Avenue Chamberlain
First Street School Street
Flagg Road Gonic
Flat Rock Bridge Road ER/NLS
Florence Drive McClelland
Flower Drive Chamberlain
Foch Street McClelland
Ford Lane McClelland
Forest Avenue ER/NLS
Forest Meadows Gonic
Forest Park Drive ER/NLS
Fortier Drive McClelland
Four Rod Road McClelland
Four Seasons Estates ER/NLS
Fourth Avenue Chamberlain
Fourth Street Chamberlain
Fox Lane ER/NLS
Franklin Heights Chamberlain
Franklin Street Chamberlain
Freedom Drive Chamberlain
French Hussey Rd McClelland
Friendship Street School Street
Front Street School Street
Front Street, ER ER/NLS
Fuchsia Lane Allen
Furbush Street School Street
Gagne Street William Allen back
Gary Drive ER/NLS
Gear Road 0-100 Gonic
Gear Road from >100  McClelland
Gerard Street McClelland
Germaine Street Allen
Gerrish Court School Street
Gina Drive ER/NLS
Glen Street Allen
Glenwood Avenue Chamberlain
Gloria Street McClelland
Gold Rush Lane ER/NLS
Goodwins Way Allen
Gooseberry Circle Allen
Gordon Lane McClelland
Governor's Road Chamberlain
Grand View Avenue McClelland
Granite Street Allen
Grant Street Allen
Great Falls Avenue Allen
Green Street ER/NLS
Grenada Allen
Grey Ledge Drive McClelland
Grondin Street Allen
Grove Street ER ER/NLS
Grove Street ER ER/NLS
Haig Street McClelland back
Hale Street McClelland
Hampshire Avenue Chamberlain
Hancock Street Allen
Hanson Street School Street
Hansonville Road Gonic
Harding Street Allen
Harding Street Allen
Harmony Way ER/NLS
Harrison Avenue School Street
Harry Street Gonic Gonic
Harvard Street McClelland
Haskell Avenue School Street
Hauling Way Gonic
Haven Hill Road Chamberlain
Hawaii Lane Allen
Hawk Lane ER/NLS
Heaton Street School Street
Hemingway Drive Gonic
Hemlock Street Allen
Henrietta Street Allen
Henry Drive Gonic
Heritage Street Chamberlain
Hickey Street ER/NLS
Hickory Lane Allen
High Street McClelland
Highland Street ER/NLS
Hillcrest Chamberlain
Hillside Drive Allen
Hobart Street School Street
Hodgkins Way ER/NLS
Hollis Lane Allen
Holly Park Lane Chamberlain
Hoover Street McClelland
Hope Drive ER/NLS
Horton Way Gonic
Howard Brook Drive McClelland
Howe Street Allen
Hoyt Court School Street
Huckins Lane Gonic
Hunter Court Allen
Hussey Hill Road McClelland
Hussey Street McClelland
Hynes Court McClelland
Ian's Way McClelland back
Indian Brook Circle Gonic
Ipswich Lane ER/NLS
Ireland Court ER/NLS
Ireland Lane Allen
Irish Street Allen
Isabelle Lane McClelland
Jackson Street William Allen
Jacobs Drive Chamberlain
Jamaica Lane Allen
Jamey Drive ER/NLS
Jan Court ER/NLS
Janet Street McClelland
Jay Way ER/NLS
Jefferson Street Chamberlain
Jeffrey Lane ER/NLS
Jenness Street McClelland
Jeremiah Lane Chamberlain
Jessica Drive Gonic
Jonathan Avenue Gonic
Joseph Drive Gonic
Joshua Street Chamberlain
Joyce Lane McClelland
Julia Avenue McClelland
Juniper Street Allen
Justin Lane McClelland
Katie Lane ER/NLS back
Kauai Lane Allen
Keith Drive ER/NLS
Kendall Street McClelland
Kennedy Avenue Gonic
Kennedy Circle Chamberlain
Kenwater Avenue Chamberlain
Kim Lane McClelland
Kimball Street Chamberlain
King Street School Street
Kinsdale ER/NLS
Kipling Rock Road Gonic
Kirsten Avenue McClelland
Knight Street Allen
Knobby Way Chamberlain
Kodiak Court ER/NLS
Labrador Drive McClelland
Lafayette Street William Allen
Lagasse Street McClelland
Lake View Avenue McClelland
Lambert Court Allen
Lamy Road Gonic
Lanai Drive Allen
Landry Lane Gonic
Lapere Street McClelland
Lark Lane ER/NLS
Laura Drive Allen
Lawn Avenue McClelland
Ledgeview Drive  Gonic
Leonard Street School Street
Letourneau Street McClelland
Levi Street Gonic
Liberty Street Allen
Lighthouse Lane ER/NLS
Lilac City Estates Allen
Lilac Drive Allen
Limestone Lane Chamberlain
Lincoln Street Allen
Linden Street School Street
Link Street McClelland
Linscott Circle Chamberlain
Lisa Lane ER/NLS
Little Bear Road ER/NLS
Little Falls Bridge Road Chamberlain
Logan Street School Street
Lois Street McClelland
Loon Lane McClelland
Loring Drive Gonic
Louise Street Chamberlain
Lowell Street & Extension Allen
Lupine Lane Chamberlain
Lyon Street McClelland back
Madison Avenue McClelland
Magic Avenue ER/NLS
Main Street, ER ER/NLS
Main Street, Gonic  Gonic
Manatee Drive ER/NLS
Manchester Court ER/NLS
Mandella Drive Chamberlain
Maple Street McClelland
Maplewood Avenue Chamberlain
Marcy Drive ER/NLS
Margaret Street McClelland
Martinique Drive Allen
Mavis Avenue Gonic
May Street Allen
McDuffee Brook Place Gonic
McDuffee Street McClelland
McIntyre Street Allen
McKinley Street School Street
McNeil Drive Chamberlain
Meaderboro Road McClelland
Meaderboro Road McClelland
Meadow Brook Village McClelland
Meadow Lane Allen
Melanie Street McClelland
Melrose Drive ER/NLS
Mill Street ER/NLS
Milton Road ER/NLS
Misty Lane McClelland
Moffet Court Gonic
Moores Court William Allen
Moose Lane Chamberlain
Morgan Street ER/NLS
Morning Glory Place ER/NLS
Morrill Court School Street
Morton Avenue School Street
Mountain View ER/NLS
Murray Drive ER/NLS
Museum Way School Street
Myrtle Street Allen back
Nadeau Drive Gonic
Nature Lane Chamberlain
Nicole Street McClelland
Nola Street Allen
Norman Street Gonic
North Main Street (1-168) William Allen
North Main Street (171-401) McClelland
North Street McClelland
Northcoast Drive ER/NLS
Northgate Apartments McClelland
Norway Plains Road Chamberlain
Nottingham Lane ER/NLS
Nutter Street Chamberlain back
Oak Street Gonic
Oakhill Park Drive ER/NLS
Ocean Way ER/NLS
Old Dover Road Allen
Old Gonic Road McClelland
Old Ox Road ER/NLS
Old Tebbetts Road Gonic
Old Wakefield Street ER/NLS
Olde Farm Lane School Street
Olsen Way School Street
Orange Street Gonic
Orchard Street Chamberlain
Osborne Street Allen
Otter Brook Circle Gonic
Outlook Lane Chamberlain back
Page Street Chamberlain
Palmers MHP Chamberlain
Paradise Drive Chamberlain
Paradise Mobile Home Park Gonic
Park Street McClelland
Partridge Green Allen
Patriots Way Gonic
Patton Street McClelland
Paul's Way ER/NLS
Pawtucketts Way Gonic
Pearl Street ER/NLS
Peasley Road William Allen
Peavar Place McClelland
Pebblestone Lane Chamberlain
Penny Lane ER/NLS
Perimeter Drive Chamberlain
Periwinkle Drive ER/NLS
Phillips Lane ERS/NLS
Picker Court Chamberlain
Pickering Road Gonic
Pine Knoll Drive ER/NLS
Pine Street William Allen
Pine Street, ER ER/NLS
Pinecone Lane ER/NLS
Pinecrest Avenue Chamberlain
Pineview MHP Chamberlain
Pink Street Chamberlain
Plante Street Allen
Pleasant Street Chamberlain
Politic Drive Gonic
Pond View Lane Cham
Portland Street (12-427) to McKinley School Street
Portland Street (428-699) to Salmon Falls Chamberlain
Portland Street (700+) to East Rochester ER/NLS
Post Road Chamberlain
Pray Street ER/NLS
Prescott Estates ER/NLS
Preston Street Allen
Profile Apartments Chamberlain
Prospect Street Chamberlain
Punch Brook Way Gonic back
Quail Drive Allen
Quaker Lane Gonic
Quarry Drive Allen
Raab Lane ER/NLS
Railroad Avenue Gonic
Ramsey Drive Gonic
Rangeway Drive Chamberlain
Ray Drive McClelland
Reagan Drive Gonic
Rebekah Lane Gonic
Richardson Street Allen
Ricker Court School Street
Ridgewood Drive McClelland
Ridgewood Estates ER/NLS
Riley Avenue Chamberlain
River Street William Allen
Riverlawn Avenue ER/NLS
Riverside Drive McClelland
Riverview Drive Chamberlain
Roberts Road Allen
Rochester Avenue Chamberlain
Rochester Hill Road (East) even # Chamberlain
Rochester Hill Road (Sofield Apts) Chamberlain
Rochester Hill Road (West) odd # Allen
Rochester Neck Road Gonic
Rochester Terrace MHP ER/NLS
Rock Lane ER/NLS
Rockledge Road Allen
Rocky Hill Road Chamberlain
Rondas Way Chamberlain
Roseberry Lane  Allen
Roulx Drive Chamberlain
Roy Street McClelland
Royal Crest MHP Allen
Rudman Drive Gonic
Russell Street McClelland
Ryan Circle Allen back
Sabrina Lane McClelland
Safari Lane McClelland
Sagebrush Drive Allen
Saks Trailer Park ER/NLS
Salmon Falls Estates  ER/NLS
Salmon Falls Landing ER/NLS
Salmon Falls Road - Elementary ER/NLS
Salmon Falls Road - Secondary
Sampson Road McClelland
Sandina Drive ER/NLS
Sandstone Lane Chamberlain
Sarah Court School Street
Sawyer Avenue Allen
Schley Street McClelland
School Street School Street
School Street, ER ER/NLS
Schulz Street Chamberlain
Scott Street Allen
Seasons Lane ER/NLS
Seavey Brook Lane Allen
Second Avenue Chamberlain
Second Street Chamberlain
Secretariat Way McClelland
Sewell Road ER/NLS
Shady Hill Lane Gonic
Shakespeare Road McClelland
Shaw Drive Chamberlain
Sheepboro Road McClelland
Shelby Lane Gonic
Sheridan Avenue Allen
Sherman Street Gonic
Sidney Street Allen
Signal Street School Street
Silver Bell ER/NLS
Silver Street School Street
Silverbell MHP ER/NLS
Skyline Drive Chamberlain
Sleeper Street Allen
Small Avenue Allen
Snow Street McClelland
Soapstone Lane Chamberlain
Sofield Apartments Chamberlain
Sonata Court Chamberlain
Sonia Way Gonic
South Main Street (East) even # Chamberlain
South Main Street (West) odd # Allen
Spaulding Avenue ER/NLS
Spencer Avenue Chamberlain
Spilt Rock Road Gonic
Spirit Creek Road Gonic
Spring Street  ER/NLS
Springfield Court William Allen
Springfield Estates Chamberlain
Spruce Street School Street
Sprucewood Chamberlain
Squamangonic Lane McClelland
St. James Terrace McClelland
Stacy Drive ER/NLS
Stair Falls Drive ER/NLS
Stanley Pond Drive McClelland
State Street McClelland
Steele Road Gonic
Stephens Drive McClelland
Stewart Court McClelland
Stillings Court Chamberlain
Stillwater Circle Gonic
Stone Ridge Drive Chamberlain
Stonewall Drive ER/NLS
Strafford Road McClelland
Strawberry Hill Lane Allen
Sugarbrook Road Gonic
Sullivan Farm Drive ER/NLS
Summer Street Chamberlain
Sunrise Drive ER/NLS
Sunset Drive Chamberlain
Sunview Lane ER/NLS
Susan Lane Allen
Sweet Briar Lane Allen
Sylvain Street William Allen back
Tall Pine Lane Allen
Tara Estates ER/NLS
Taylor Drive Gonic
Tebbetts Road (<40) Gonic
Tebbetts Road (>40) Allen
Temple Drive ER/NLS
Ten Rod Road McClelland
Tessier Street Gonic
Third Avenue Chamberlain
Third Street Chamberlain
Thomas Street McClelland
Thorne Drive Allen
Tingley Street Allen
Tonka Street ER/NLS
Torr Avenue Chamberlain
Towle Lane Allen
Townsend Lane Chamberlain
Trestle Road ER/NLS
Trinity Circle Gonic
Troy Lane ER/NLS
Turbo Drive ER/NLS
Turn Key Way Gonic
Turtle Lane McClelland
Tuttle Court Gonic
Twombly Street McClelland back
Union Street, Rochester Allen
Unity Street ER/NLS
Upham Street Allen
Vernon Avenue Chamberlain
Vetter Lane Allen
Victoria Circle Allen
Village at Riverside ER/NLS
Village Lane Chamberlain
Villanova Lane Allen
Vinewood Lane Allen
Violet Court ER/NLS
Wadleigh Road Allen
Wakefield Street Chamberlain
Walbridge Court ER/NLS
Waldron Avenue William Allen
Wallace Street School Street
Walnut Grove Road ER/NLS
Walnut Street McClelland
Warren Street ER/NLS
Washington Street - Elementary McClelland
Washington Street - Secondary
Watercress Drive ER/NLS
Watson Drive Chamberlain
Waverly Street McClelland
Weare Street ER/NLS
Weeping Willow Allen
Weetamoo Bend McClelland
Wellington Drive Gonic
Wentworth Avenue Chamberlain
West Lane Chamberlain
West Wind Trailer Park Chamberlain
Western Avenue Chamberlain
Westview Drive Allen
White Birch Lane Gonic
Whitehall Road Chamberlain
Whitehouse Road Allen
Widlflower Way ER/NLS
Wilderness Road McClelland
Wildwood Lane Allen
Willey Street McClelland
Willow Brook Apartments Allen
Wilson Street Allen
Windhaven Drive Allen
Winkley Farm Lane McClelland
Winter Court Allen
Winter Street School Street
Woodland Green ER/NLS
Woodlands Chamberlain
Woodlawn Road McClelland
Woodman Street Allen
Woodside Lane McClelland
Wyvern Lane Allen
Yale Street McClelland
Yellowstone Lane Chamberlain
York Court ER/NLS
Young Street Allen
Yvonne Street McClelland
Z-Amazon Campground Allen
Z-Grandview Campground McClelland
Z-Greenwood Motel McClelland
Z-Hi Vu Motel Chamberlain
Z-Housing (Transitional) Gonic
Z-Isinglass Drive Gonic
Z-Residence Inn ER/NLS
Z-Riviera Motel Gonic
Z-Rte 125 Motel ER/NLS back