School Street School


The mission of School Street School is to foster a love of learning, a feeling of self-accomplishment and responsible citizenship which will provide all students with the resources and skills needed in an ever-changing and challenging world.

We believe:
  • All children can learn
  • All children are individuals who have value and talent
  • Families are partners in all aspects of school life
  • A high caliber faculty promotes success and results
School Goals 2015-2016

Goal # 1:        Enhance the experiences of our students through the    
                        arts, culture and educational opportunities.

Goal # 2:        Continue to implement Universal and Target Team initiatives through PBIS, a school-wide system of effective supports that will maximize students’ positive social and academic behavior.

Goal # 3:        Work collaboratively to support core implementation of instructional strategies as outlined in the student engagement and learning plan.

Goal # 4:         Support all staff in the implementation of a competency based learning model: instruction, assessment and grading.