Because it is accountable to residents of the district, the Board will maintain a program of accountability consisting of the following elements.


1.   Clear statements of expectations and purpose as these relate to operations, programs, departments, positions.


2.   Provision for the staff, resources, and support necessary to achieve stated expectations and purposes, subject to financial support by residents of the district.


3.   Evaluation of operations, programs, instruction, and services to determine how well expectations and purposes are being met.


4.   Inception of management plan to enable individuals to direct their own efforts to the goals and objectives of the district.


5.   Evaluation of the efforts of the employees of the Board, and of the Board itself, in line with stated objectives.  The first purpose of personnel evaluation will be to help each individual make a maximum contribution to the goals of school district.




Adoption Date:     April 8, 1993

Reviewed/Approved:            May 8, 2008