Through evaluation of the Superintendent, the Board will strive to accomplish the following:


  1. Clarify for the Superintendent his/her role in the school system as seen by the Board.


  1. Clarify for the Board members the role of the Superintendent in the light of his/her job description and the immediate priorities among his/her responsibilities as agreed upon by the Board and the Superintendent.


  1. Develop harmonious working relationships between the Board and Superintendent.


  1. Provide effective administrative leadership for the school system.


The Board will provide the Superintendent with periodic opportunities to discuss Superintendent-Board relationships, and will inform him/her, at least annually, of its assessment of his/her performance.



Timeline for evaluation


The Superintendent will complete the self-evaluation, using the current evaluation instrument and provide it to the Board by the second Thursday in November. 


The Board members will complete the evaluation document and submit it to the Board Chair by November 30th .


The Board Chair will tabulate the results of the separate documents and present the one document to the Board and Superintendent by the second Thursday in December. 


The Board will designate a sub-committee to meet with the Superintendent and review the results of the evaluation and three job goals for the next year. 



Adoption Date:                     April 8, 1993

Amended:                              March 8, 2007

Reviewed/Approved:            May 8, 2008