The Board believes that any citizen who files for and seeks election to the Board should do so with full knowledge of and appreciation for the investment in time, effort, and dedication expected of all Board members and that the citizen's intent to serve reflects his or her intention to serve a full term of office.


However, if for reasons of health, change in domicile, or any other compelling reason a member does decide to terminate service, the Board requests the earliest possible notification of intent to resign so that the Board may plan appropriately for this exigency.


Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the Rochester City Charter Section 68, which states in relevant part:


By an affirmative roll-call vote of at least nine (9) City Councilors, the City Council may remove any School Board member from office for prolonged absence, inattention to duty, mental or physical incapacity, incompetence, willful violations of state statutes, this Charter, or City Ordinances, or misconduct in office.  Such vote shall be on specific written charges approved by a majority of the City Council, and after due notice and hearing called upon the majority vote of the Council.  A vacancy occasioned by removal under this section shall be filled in the manner provided in Section 68 of the City Charter.  (See City Charter, Section 70)






Adoption Date:  April 8, 1993    

Amended:       June 12, 2008

School Board Review/Approval: April 13, 2107