The School Board reserves the right to enter non-public session, closed to the public and media, by an affirmative, roll call vote by a majority of the members present.  As required by RSA 91-A:3, the motion calling for a non-public session will indicate the nature of the items to be discussed.


The Board may entertain a motion to hold a non-public session only for the following purposes, which purposes shall be stated as part of the motion:


(1)   The dismissal, promotion, compensation, disciplining, or investigation of changes of a public employee;

(2)   The hiring of any person as a public employee;

(3)   Matters that would adversely affect the reputation of any person, other than a member of the board;

(4)   Consideration of the acquisition, sale, or lease of real estate or personal property;

(5)   Consideration of pending claims or litigation against the school district; and

(6)   Consideration of matters relating to the preparation for any carrying out of emergency functions.

All discussions held and decisions made during non-public session shall be confined to the matters set out in the motion.


No official, final action may be taken by the board at a non-public session except in accordance with RSA 91-A:3.  In order to act upon most items considered at a non-public session, the Board will convene or reconvene in open session.  Minutes shall be kept of the non-public session.  The record of all actions shall be promptly made available for public inspection (within 72 hours), except that minutes and decisions reached in non-public session may be sealed if, by recorded vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present, it is determined that divulgence of the information likely would affect adversely the reputation of any person other than a member of the School Board itself, or render the proposed action ineffective. 


Board members and any persons attending a non-public session are duty-bound not to disclose any details of the discussion held.


The Superintendent and/or his/her designated representative may attend all non-public sessions except those which pertain to the Superintendent's employment.



Adopted:          April 8, 1993  

Amended:        June 12, 2008

School Board Reviewed/Approved:     July 14, 2011