The secretary shall keep a record of the actions of Board meetings. The minutes of the Board shall be kept in an official minute book and shall be a record of such actions, including resolutions and motions.  Papers not a part of a formal motion may be omitted if they are referred to and identified by some method.


Copies of the minutes of a meeting shall be sent to the members of the Board before the meeting at which they are to be approved.


Minutes are posted and marked as draft until approved by the Board or Committee.  Corrections in the minutes may be made at the meeting at which they are to be approved.  Permanent minutes shall be signed by the secretary upon approval and transcription.


Each Committee shall approve the minutes of the previous meeting at the next meeting of said Committee. 


All minutes shall be kept in accordance with RSA 91-A:2, RSA 91-A:3 (III), and RSA 91-A:4.  Said minutes will be promptly made available for public inspection and/or copying, except as may be prohibited or exempted by RSA 91-A:5.





Adopted:                            April 8, 1993        

Board Review/Approved:  July 10, 2008;

Amended:                          July 8, 2010