Funds shall be budgeted annually to support Board member development opportunities. Board members shall be reimbursed for reasonable out-of-pocket costs incurred through participation in approved activities.  The registration and mileage, at the federal mileage rate, shall be paid for NHSBA events within the State. 


The Board as a whole shall retain the authority to approve or disapprove the participation of members in planned activities.  The public shall be kept informed through the news media about the Board's continuing in-service education and about the programs anticipated for short and long-range benefits to our schools.


The Board regards the following as the kinds of activities and services appropriate for implementing this policy:


1.   Participation in School Board conferences, workshops, and conventions held by the State and National School Boards Associations.


2.   District-sponsored training sessions for Board members.


3.   Subscriptions to publications addressed to the concerns of Board members.


Any and all expenditure requests shall be submitted in writing to the Board Chair.  These requests will be reviewed at the next Regular Board meeting, to be approved or denied at that time.




Adopted:                                  April 8, 1993  

Board Review/Approved:        July 10, 2008

Amended:                                May 12, 2011