Proper administration of the schools is most vital to a successful educational program.  The general purpose of the administration shall be to coordinate and supervise, under the policies of the School Board, the creation and operation of an environment in which students learn most effectively.  Administrative duties and functions should be appraised in terms of the contribution made to improving instruction and learning.  The Board shall rely on its chief executive office, the Superintendent, to provide at the district level the professional administrative leadership demanded by such a far-reaching goal.  Vision, initiative, resourcefulness, and wise leadership, as well as consideration and concern for staff members, students, parents, and others, are essential for effective administration.


The Superintendent, each principal, and all other administrators shall have the authority and responsibility necessary for his or her specific administrative assignment.  Each shall likewise be accountable for the effectiveness with which the administrative assignment is carried out.  The Board shall be responsible for specifying requirements and expectations of the Superintendent, then holding the Superintendent accountable by evaluating annually how well those requirements and expectations have been met.  In turn, the Superintendent shall be responsible for clearly specifying requirements and expectations for all other administrators, then for holding each accountable by evaluating annually how well requirements and expectations have been met.






Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993    

School Board Review:   August 14, 2008