The following rules and procedures will apply to work done in the auto repair shop and the charges for these services:


1.   Priority for Services


a.   Students enrolled in course.

b.   School district vehicles.

c.   Public agencies and nonprofit organizations.

d.   Parents of students enrolled in course.

e.   Employees of the school district.

f.    Area senior citizens.

g.   Students enrolled in the high school.


2.   Work Permit, Releases, Car Registrations


a.   A work permit must be obtained from the director of the vocational-technical program for all work to be performed.

b.   All customers must sign the necessary application and release forms and must be made aware of the conditions of approval as listed.

c.   Before work is started, the registration of the auto must be checked.  Vehicles with commercial or omnibus plates registered in the names of students, parents or employees will not be considered for services.


3.   The welding of gasoline tanks and installation of auto glass is prohibited.


  1. Tipping for services will not be permitted.


The following is the current procedure for this activity:


An invoice is generated for all transactions. Funds received from customers are turned in to the office for deposit in the Student Activity Funds checking account.  The funds are recorded in the appropriate Student Activity Fund and follow the guidelines of the Student Activity Funds adopted by the School Board.  These funds are utilized for the purchase of materials and to assist in the funding of field trips and the Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) conference.



Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993

Amended:                   March 12, 2009