Stipend payments to employees of the district are for activities that occur in addition to their normally scheduled daily responsibilities.  Workshops or like activities that occur during the normal course of scheduled workdays would not regularly be considered stipend activities or be eligible for additional compensation in any form.  Payment exceptions to this policy will require extraordinary preparation activity that occurs outside of the normal workday and must be approved by the Superintendent in advance of the stipend agreement  or payment.   Stipends will not be paid to employees who do not complete the agreed upon responsibilities or, upon approval by the Superintendent, may be paid on a pro rata basis, based on percentage of project completed or number of hours worked if an hourly employee.


It is the policy of the district to require all stipends paid to current employees to be paid as a function of payroll in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws.  Any stipend paid must be paid through the district accepted stipend payment request form.  Stipends paid to hourly employees must be at least minimum wage for the number of hours the employee will work and typically would be at least the same rate of pay as their normal position.  If the number of hours would increase hours actually worked for any given week in excess of forty hours then payment must be made in accordance with all State and Federal Wage and Hour Laws (i.e. overtime pay). 


Stipends of less than $500.00 paid to any individual during the course of a given fiscal year, that are paid (1) either as a one time stipend or cumulatively over the course of the fiscal year, and (2) for a one time activity of less than one week in duration, shall require approval of the requesting supervisor and Superintendent.  The exception to this is that all grant management stipends must be approved by the requesting supervisor, Superintendent and the Rochester School Board).


Stipends of $500.00 or more, either singularly or cumulatively for any individual over the course of any given fiscal year, and/or for duration of longer than one week or for the purposes of grant management, must be approved by requesting supervisor, Superintendent and the Rochester School Board.  In addition, all stipends over the $500.00 threshold, either singularly or cumulatively, must also be recorded in the employees’ personnel file as an addition to regular compensation.




Adoption Date:           April 13, 2002

Board Review:              September 11, 2008