Funds collected by school employees and by student treasurers shall be handled with good and prudent business procedures.  All funds collected shall be receipted, accounted for, and directed without delay to the proper location of deposit.


In no case shall funds be left overnight in schools, except in safes provided for safekeeping of valuables, and even then not to exceed more than a few dollars.  All schools shall provide for making bank deposits after regular banking hours in order to avoid leaving money in school overnight, with the exception of Petty Cash.


Petty cash has been issued to each school for the purpose of purchasing small immaterial items.  The purchase and procedure of such items must follow the guidelines under the Student Activity Account Guidelines adopted by the School Board.


The following schools have been issued Petty cash which is centrally controlled and stored in a secure area:

-          William Allen School               $100

-          Chamberlain Street School      $100

-          East Rochester School            $100

-          Nancy Loud School                $100

-          Gonic School                          $100

-          Maple Street School               $100

-          McClelland School                  $100

-          School Street School               $100

-          Rochester Middle School        $300

-          Spaulding High School            $300

-          Bud Carlson Academy            $100







Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993

Amended:                   November 13, 2008