Unless otherwise stipulated in a specific grant application or by state statute, the Superintendent may apply for any grant he/she deems to be in the best interest of the district.The Superintendent will submit written notification to all Board members that a grant has been applied for in accordance with this policy within five working days of the application date, informing them of the nature of the grant and the purpose of the specific application.


It is the policy of the district to apply for and accept grant funds that would help improve the educational and overall wellbeing of the student population, help teachers become more effective educators, improve the general administration of the school system, and are in compliance with the districtís mission statement and goals as set forth by the Rochester School Board.Grant acceptance will be approved by the School Board upon recommendation by the Superintendent.Funds from grants received will notbe expended until official acceptance by the Rochester School Board has been recorded in the official School Board minutes.


Grant management is the responsibility of the Superintendent.A grant manager may be appointed by the School Board as recommended by the Superintendent.All expenditures from grant funds must be in compliance with specific grant guidelines, common sense, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and any other requirements that may govern the use of grant funds.Grant funds will be expended through the same procedures as all other district funds.As with other expense requests the Superintendent has final approval on all expenditures under $500.00.Requests of $500.00 or more must also be approved by the Chairperson of the School Board or his/her designee.





Adoption Date:†††† ††††† April 13, 2000

Board Review:††††††††††††† September 11, 2008