1.      Injuries occurring at home are the responsibility of the family and should be treated at home

2.      Employees have a duty to provide emergency first aid treatment to students who are injured or have a condition requiring immediate attention.  (See RSA 508:12 for statement of immunity from liability).


3.      In cases of emergency, 911 will be activated and immediate medical attention will be sought.  A parent/guardian and Central Office will be notified as soon as possible.


4.      Follow-up treatment will only be given upon written instruction from the physician and at the request of the parent.


5.      An emergency form will be completed for each student, listing the name, address, and telephone number of parents or guardian and other persons authorized to assume responsibility.  The name of the physician and any present medical concerns may be listed on the form or communicated to the school nurse.  Parents are responsible for informing the school as to changes in this information.


6.      Students who are unable to participate in the total program shall present a letter from their physician stating the reasons and the approximate duration of limitation.


7.      When other arrangements can be made medication should not be taken during school hours.  Most prescriptions can be regulated around the school day.  When medication has to be taken during school hours it must be a prescribed medication.  Any over the counter medication including cough syrups, cough drops, pain relievers, etc. should be taken before and after school.  In accordance with ED 311.02, if a prescribed medication must be taken during school hours, the school nurse is responsible for administering or delegating the administration of medication. The school nurse must have the following three items before medication can be given:


A.  A prescription written by the licensed practitioner stating the name of the medication, the dosage and time as well as a diagnosis, if not in violation of confidentiality.


B.   All medication shall be delivered and stored in the original pharmacy or manufactured labeled container. This shall be no more than a 30 day supply. The medication must be delivered to the school nurse or designee by a parent/guardian or designated responsible adult.  A single dose of medication may be transferred from this container to a newly labeled container for the purpose of field trips or school sponsored activities.


C.   Signed permission from the parent/guardian allowing the school nurse, or her designee, to observe and/or assist the child in taking his/her medication.


8.      Students in grades 6 through 12 may be administered acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain relief at the discretion of the nurse between the hours of 10:30 and 1:30 and only with written parent permission.


9.      The school nurse will be responsible for the determination and appropriateness of delegation of medication administration, when necessary, to employees of the Rochester School District. Employees may not further delegate such administration to other staff members, outside agencies or volunteers.


10.  In accordance with RSA 200:42-RSA200:47, a student will be allowed to carry and self administer prescription epi pens and rescue inhalers provided that the prescribing practitioner and parent complete the appropriate medication forms for self administration.  The Nursing Supervisor, working with the School Nurse may be required, by necessity, to delegate to a student the self administration of a medication as required by a physician.  The appropriate self administration medication forms must be completed and signed by the practitioner and the parent/guardian.  A discussion with the parent/guardian and a plan of care and parameters from the medical provider to the school nurse must be furnished so that determination of necessity, management of care and emergency assist can occur.  Communication between all parties, as medical needs change, would be the most prudent practice and an expectation within the school environment.

11.  The School Health Services will follow the recommendations of the New Hampshire Bureau of Communicable Disease.   If necessary, a note from his/her physician will be reviewed before the student may return to school.

12.  Questions regarding school health policies should be directed to the school nurse.





Adopted:                April 8, 1993

Amended:              November 9, 1995

Amended:              January 13, 2009

Amended:              January 5, 2012