Immunization Standards



All students entering the Rochester Schools must present a valid, updated immunization record upon registration.He/she will not be admitted to school until such evidence has been presented.All children will be immunized in accordance with RSA 141-C:20A and He-P 301.13. This record will be kept on file in the nursing office for the duration of the studentís enrollment per RSA 141-C:20b

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Students may be granted conditional enrollment status upon registration so long as they provide a school record or physician's record/statement which indicates the child has had at least one of each of the required vaccines. This document must include the month, day and year of the required vaccines. The parent/guardian will arrange an acceptable schedule to complete the series of required immunizations in accordance with New Hampshire state law or risk the childís exclusion.



The above requirements may be waived for medical reasons if evidence is provided from a physician that immunizations will be detrimental to the student's health. The physician must indicate a date for review of this determination.


The above requirements may be waived for religious reasons if the Division of Public Health Services Certification of Religious Exemption is presented and has been notarized. These exemptions in accordance with RSA 141-C:20c


Students granted medical or religious exemptions may be excluded from school by the State Health Director if there is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease.



Adoption Date:†††††††††† April 8, 1993

Amended:†††††††††††††††††††† January 13, 2009