Emergency Care


1.      In case of minor accident to a student the procedure to be observed is as follows:

a.       If the nurse is in the school, the student should be sent to her.

b.      If the nurse is not available, first aid should be given and a record made for the nurse of the student's name, grade, the presenting problem, time and any first aid given.

c.       If the injury is minor, one of the designated staff members may administer first aid in accordance with the recommended guidelines.

d.      Complete an Accident Report, if necessary.If a report is filed, the parent is to be notified.

2.      In case of a major accident or illness to a student the procedure to be followed is:

a.       If the nurse is in the school, she should be called and allowed to determine what is to be done.

b.      If the nurse is not readily available, the teacher in charge of the class or activity is responsible.

c.       Such first aid as may be indicated should be administered by a staff member who has been designated to do so.

d.      If the parent cannot be reached, the school nurse assumes responsibility.If medical care is required, the student may be taken to an emergency room.

e.       If the parent cannot be reached and the hospital assumes charge of the case, the parent should be notified of this fact at the earliest possible moment.

f.       The nurse, principal, or a member of the school's staff who is in charge of the activity shall accompany the student to the hospital unless the principal directs otherwise.

g.       The accident should be reported by phone to the Superintendent's Office and a written report provided on the regular accident form.

3.      Sending students home

a.       Sick or injured students who are permitted to go home must always be accompanied by the parent, the school nurse, or a teacher.A student should not be left at home without a responsible adult or with parental approved supervision.As used in this policy parent(s) will be defined as:parent, guardian or parentís representative.

b.      The school nurse or designated school staff shall perform all first aid and emergency care, if needed prior to releasing the student, in accordance with school policies and procedures.



Adopted:††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† April 8, 1993

Board Review/Approved:††††††† January 13, 2009

Amended:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† February 9, 2012