The following regulations pertaining to keys are designed to safeguard against unauthorized access to buildings:


1.   Keys will be given to the Superintendent, school principals, supervising custodians, and custodians of each school building.


2.   Each teacher will have a key to his or her classroom.


3.   Athletic coaches may use the gym, lockers, showers, field, and court for practice and games only when a custodian is in the building.  Coaches are responsible for locking doors and checking to see that all students are out when practice or games are over.


4.   No vendor, contractor, or delivery person will be given keys to school buildings.  Contractors who wish to work at times other than during the hours when a custodian is on duty must apply to the supervising custodian to make other arrangements.


5.   During vacation periods, all doors to school buildings will be locked and an entrance will be made available for deliveries at each school. Notice of hours during which goods may be delivered will be displayed at all times.


6.   Keys to outside doors and boiler rooms of all school buildings will be given to the Fire Department for use in cases of emergency at times when the buildings are not occupied.


7.   If school facilities are rented to outside organizations by action of the Board, they may only be unlocked at the specific times permitted by the rental notices sent from the secretary's office, a copy of which will be given to the head custodian of the particular building involved.  Organizations renting school facilities must conform to the hours stated in the rental notices and a custodian must be present at all times.  The custodian assigned to these specific hours will be instructed to be present in the building at all times, and under no circumstances may the custodian leave the building unlocked or unattended.


8.   Personnel entering the building after school hours are responsible for the activation/deactivation of school alarm systems and accept full responsibility as a result of their negligence.






Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993

Amended:                   December 11, 2008