District-owned buildings will be operated with as much efficiency as possible.


All repairs and/or maintenance work of any nature will be channeled through the office of the Facilities Director.  Personnel assigned to a building are not to contact service personnel directly.  In the event of breakdown or malfunction, the business office is to be notified. In the event that this problem develops after office hours or during time when school closed, the Director of Maintenance, building principal, or the Superintendent should be contacted.


In the interest of achieving the goals of the Board's policy, the following guidelines regarding maintenance have been established:


Routine Repairs


All requests for major repairs will be made to department chairpersons, or other designated persons, who will then refer the request to the custodial supervisor or other support specialist.


Emergency Repairs


1.   Requests for emergency repairs which are beyond the capacity of the school custodial staff will be made directly to the building principal.

2.   The principal will immediately forward requests for emergency repairs to the Superintendent.


Requests for Improvements


Requests for improvements may be made in writing by the building principal and transmitted to the Superintendent.




The Facilities Director will draw up and supervise the implementation of maintenance schedules.


The following are responsibilities of the building principals:


1.   To oversee the operation of the school plant and require that personnel assigned to the building will keep it in a clean, healthful, and pleasant condition, free from dust and dirt.

2.   To order the necessary supplies as they are needed for the operation of the building.

3.   To make continuing checks on the use of utilities and supplies so that needless waste does not occur.

4.   To make continuing checks for hazardous conditions.  Checks will include safety of equipment, operation of equipment, and prevention of hazardous situations caused by carelessness.




Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993

Amended:                   December 11, 2008