In an effort to reduce educational costs and to promote individual responsibility for public property, the Board shall establish the following policy:


1.   All students shall be issued the necessary textbooks for their course work.


2.   Adequate receipted records shall be kept on all textbooks issued to students and will indicate the condition of the book at the time it was issued (new, good, fair).


3.   Students who fail to return issued textbooks, library books and other materials, are required to pay the cost of replacing them.


4.   Students who attempt to return a book in such condition as would make it unusable to another student will be instructed to retain the textbook and will be charged for it.


5.   Parents of the students using textbooks, library books and other materials shall be notified of the student's responsibility in caring for textbooks properly, and of the parents' or guardians' responsibility in paying for any textbooks which are lost or appreciably damaged.








Adoption Date:                                      April 8, 1993

Amended:                                              November 9, 1995

School Board Review/Approval:       December 11, 2008