The safety and welfare of the student riders will be the first consideration of all matters pertaining to transportation. Safety precautions will include the following:


1.   Children shall be instructed as to proper procedure for boarding and exiting from a school bus and in proper and safe conduct while aboard.


2.   Emergency evacuation drills shall be conducted at least three times a year to acquaint student riders with procedures in emergency situations.


3.   All vehicles used to transport children shall be inspected periodically following DOT guidelines to see that they meet safety regulations.


The school district or independent contractor shall comply with all state laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of school buses and will make these requirements known to bus drivers.  It shall also cooperate with local safety officials in formulating and accomplishing its school bus safety program.








Adopted:          April 8, 1993

Amended:        December 11, 2008

Amended:        December 9, 2010