All food service personnel are jointly responsible to the Food Service Manager, and the Building Principal, Superintendent, or designee.

The Food Service Manager is responsible for the planning and preparation of food served in the food service program, ensuring full compliance with the State of New Hampshireís education rules and regulations. All food will comply with the nutrition standards as set forth by the school wellness program.

The Food Service Manager will order supplies, keep accurate records of financial transactions connected with the food service program, and prepare all records and reports as required.

The Food Service Manager will be certified by a NH Department of Education approved program.

All food service employees shall, within their first year of employment, obtain a certificate of completion for an approved sanitation course.

The Food Service Manager will make recommendations to the building principal, the Superintendent, or designee concerning personnel and operational matters related to the food service program.





Adoption Date:††††††††††† April 8, 1993

Amended:††††††† ††††††††††† March 9, 2006