The installation and use of vending machines in the schools will be controlled so that they will not offer competition to the school lunch program or encourage students in poor eating habits.


Vending machines may be operated by the School Food Services Department for the sale of beverages in employee lunchrooms.  The funds derived from such sales will accrue to the food service program revenue budget.  Students will not make purchases from these machines.


Vending machines may also be operated by the school in employees' lounges for employee use only.  The funds derived from such operation will accrue to the internal accounts fund for the individual school.


Vending machines may be operated after school hours for students use.  The profits derived from such operations will accrue in the school's student activities fund or its internal account fund.


The Food Services Director and principal(s) will submit to the Superintendent annual financial reports on each account.


Adoption Date:             April 8, 1993

School Board Review/Approve:            February 16, 2017