(Public Use of School Records)


The Superintendent is hereby designated as the custodian of all records, minutes, documents, writings, letters, memoranda, or collectively written, typed, copied, or developed materials possessed, assembled, or maintained by this school district.


1.   All requests for public documents are to be forwarded to the Superintendent immediately upon receipt.  The Superintendent shall thereupon make a determination as to whether or not the documents requested are public in nature.


2.   In accordance with RSA 91-A:4, if the Superintendent finds the documents to be public in nature, he or she shall direct that it be released for reproduction on the premises.  The party requesting the documents is to be charged the cost of reproduction and other expenses entailed in locating and retrieving the documents. 

3.   If the Superintendent finds the document not to be public in nature, he or she shall so inform the requesting party and shall for no reason release such information.


4.   If the Superintendent is unable to ascertain whether or not the document requested is public in nature, he or she is hereby authorized to request, on behalf of the School Board, an opinion from the School Board's Attorney as to the nature of the document.  Such opinion requests will be made within ten (10) days of the original requested for the document(s).  The Superintendent shall notify such person immediately upon receipt of an answer from the School Board's Attorney.




Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993

Amended:                     February 12, 2009