The Board recognizes that a dynamic and efficient staff dedicated to education is necessary to maintain a constantly improving educational program. The Board is interested in its personnel as individuals, and it recognizes its responsibility for promoting the general welfare of the staff.


The Board's specific personnel goals are:


     to recruit, select, and employ the best qualified personnel to staff the school system


     to provide staff compensation and benefits programs sufficient to attract and retain qualified employees


     to provide opportunities for in-service training for all employees to improve their performance, and to improve the overall rate of retention and promotion of staff


     to conduct an employee appraisal program that will contribute to the continuous improvement of staff performance


     to assign personnel so as to ensure they are utilized as effectively as possible


     to effectively administer negotiated collective bargaining agreements


     to develop the quality of human relationships necessary to obtain maximum staff performance and satisfaction


     a full internal and external search is required for all vacant certified professional positions





Adoption Date: April 8, 1993

Amended: April 9, 2009