All staff members have a responsibility to, and shall make themselves familiar with, and abide by, the laws of the state as these affect their work, the policies of the board, and the regulations designed to implement them.


All staff members shall carry out their assigned responsibilities with conscientious concern.  The first responsibility of the instructional program are the following specific responsibilities, which shall be required of all personnel:


1.   Faithfulness and promptness in attendance at work.


2.   Support and enforcement of policies of the Board and regulations of the school administration in regard to students.

3.   Diligence in submitting required reports and other materials promptly at the times specified.


4.   Care and protection of the school property.


5.   Concern and attention toward their own and the Board's legal responsibility for the safety and welfare of students, including the need to ensure that students are under supervision at all times.


In their association with students, all school employees shall set examples that are an important part of the educational process. Their manner, dress, courteousness, industry, and attitudes establish models that affect the development of young people.  The Board expects its staff members to set exemplary models, as well as provide exemplary instruction.



Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993

School Board Review: April 9, 2009