1.      Physical Examination and Tuberculosis Screening


All school personnel shall be screened for tuberculosis as part of the pre-employment medical examination (RSA 200:36) and as recommended by the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services based on the incidence of tuberculosis in the area of employment.


A prospective employee may elect to use a designated school physician at the school district's expense or a private physician with reimbursement at the same fee charged by the designated physician.


2.      Implementation


Newly employed personnel not presenting proof of freedom from tuberculosis (TB testing within three months of employment) and without presenting proof of a pre-employment physical shall not be allowed to start work.


Personnel not complying with the above policy will be suspended from work until sufficient documentation is provided.


Employed personnel proved to have tuberculosis will leave work immediately and be entitled to customary sick leave.  When the employee can present a physician's certificate stating that the employee is no longer communicable, he/she may return to work.


3.      Responsibility


It is the responsibility of the Personnel Director to report any violation of the above policy through the principal to the Superintendent of Schools and to keep accurate records as evidence of compliance with the above policy.  If necessary, the School Health Services may be consulted.


The Superintendent is instructed to take such action as is required to implement this policy and to supervise the necessary record keeping to substantiate test results.


4.      Additional Examinations


The Superintendent may request a medical examination for any employee if at any time he/she has reason to believe that the employee's physical or mental health is inimical to the welfare of pupils or other employees.  The cost of such examination will be borne by the district.


5.      Bus Drivers


Bus drivers are required to have a physical exam according to RSA 200:37.  It will be the responsibility of the transportation provider to see that all drivers are compliant with this policy.


6.      School Lunch Employees


All School Lunch employees shall abide by the same health policies as other employees.


In the event that school personnel are injured during work hours, the employee must notify the Payroll Office within twenty-four (24) hours if possible.  Paperwork for Workers' Compensation Insurance should be completed and submitted within forty-eight hours of the injury.



Adoption Date:                       April 8, 1993

School Board Review:             April 9. 2009