The School Board and the administrative personnel realize that a sound educational system cannot be built and maintained without definite procedures for the recruitment of personnel.


  1. The quality of the educational program in any school system is dependent upon the employment and retention of high caliber personnel.


  1. All currently employed personnel share a common responsibility for the procurement of the type of staff needed. They are expected to help in every possible way and specifically by making the system aware of outstanding prospects at every opportunity.


  1. Staff recruitment is the responsibility of the Superintendent. Principals and other staff will assist the Superintendent as needed.


  1. First consideration will be given to those applicants seeking permanent rather than temporary employment.


  1. All professional staff selected for employment must be recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the School Board.


  1. In selecting nominees for instructional positions, the Superintendent, after considering recommendations of subordinates, will be guided by the following criteria:


         Professional qualifications and credentials, including full state certification

         Successful teaching experience

         Specific requirements of position

         Balance and stability within faculty

         Budget considerations


         Personal interview.





Adoption Date: April 8, 1993

Amended: May 14, 2009