Part 1:  Teaching Staff


The Superintendent will present to the Board a listing of teacher nominations, qualified in accordance with RSA 189:39.


Part 2:  Administrative Staff


A.     Appointment

Candidates for positions in administration will file a formal, written application with the Superintendent of Schools.  All applications will be screened and interviewed by the Superintendent.  He/she will then make a recommendation to the Board or the designated committee.

The Superintendent and School Board will consider promotion of local candidates when such a promotion is in the best interests of the school.  All candidates must meet the requirements as established by the Superintendent and School Board, and meet state certification requirements if applicable.

All applications will be available to the School Board for its review and applications of candidates selected for interviews will be included in the interview process.

The administrator shall be elected by the School Board following the nomination of the Superintendent.  Should the School Board fail to accept the nomination of the Superintendent, he/she will be directed to present another name in nomination.


B.     Employment

The Supervising Principal will be employed on a 12 month basis. Portions of school vacations may be taken by approval of the Superintendent.

C.   Terms of Contract

All appointments will be on a one year basis. 


D.  Function

The Principal shall act as chief administrative officer for the school building(s) and grounds.  He/she shall be responsible for and have authority over the actions of students, professional, and non-professional employees, visitors, and persons hired to perform special tasks.

The Principal shall become familiar with and carefully fulfill all Powers and Duties of Principals, Regulations of the State Board of Education.

The Principal shall keep the Superintendent informed of activities in the building by whatever means the Superintendent deem appropriate.


E.   Evaluation

Administrators will be evaluated periodically as recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the Board.


Adopted:          April 8, 1993

Amended:        May 14, 2009

Amended:        July 11, 2013