The School Board recognizes that an appropriate orientation program can aid in the assimilation of new staff members into the school system and can also contribute to the continued growth of returning personnel.  It will, therefore, be the responsibility of the Superintendent, or his/her designee, to provide for an annual orientation of all professional staff members.


The orientation of returning personnel will focus upon the changes which have occurred during the previous year and the general goals for the coming year.


Orientation of personnel new to the school system may extend over a longer period of time and will provide a broadly based effort to supply information and background details which will improve the new teacher's understanding of the districts framework, including policies of the Board, rules and regulations, and the instructional program.


The building principal or the immediate supervisor shall orient all teachers to the evaluation procedures and standards during the first two weeks of their assignment to their respective building or program.  No formal observations shall take place until such orientation has been completed.



Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993

Board Review:             June 11, 2009