Today's dynamic and rapidly changing society, with its tremendous accumulation of new knowledge and the attending obsolescence in some areas or practice makes it imperative that all staff members be engaged in a continuous program of professional and technical growth in order that they may be qualified to provide a quality educational program for all students being served by the public schools.


It is the policy of the School Board that a program of in-service training be established to provide an opportunity for the continuous professional and technical growth of the professional staff.


As a result of the operation of this policy, staff members will be knowledgeable regarding new developments and changes in their specialized fields and will utilize new and improved methods in practice.


The administrative staff employing administrative and management techniques consistent with modern management development, will provide leadership which will assist each staff member to make a maximum contribution to the school district's effort to provide a quality educational program for all students.



Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993

Amended:                    June 11, 2009