The Board recognizes that circumstances might exist that would cause a professional employee to request a release from his/her contract.  The School Board, however is responsible for the employment of a professional staff that will help educate students in as effective a manner as is possible.  This being so, resignations will be considered and/or approved only during the period ending with the following July 1, and then only for the school year commencing with the following September.  Furthermore, the Board will not approve such resignations if an equally qualified and competent professional person cannot be hired to replace the person seeking approval of his or her resignation request.


The Board recognizes that extenuating circumstances may arise during a school year necessitating special consideration of a resignation, and will review each such case on its individual merits.  Again, such a case will be considered only if an equally qualified and competent person can be hired to replace the staff member. 


In all instances where the School Board does not release a staff member from his/her contract, and said person leaves employment of the district, it shall be the policy of this school district to consider requesting suspension of the staff member's credentials by the State Board of Education and/or proceeding to initiate such court action which the School Board determines appropriate.


No teacher shall resign between July 30 and September 30 of any year except under the terms set forth in the current Master Agreement between the Rochester Federation of Teachers and The Rochester School Board.




Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993

School Board Review: August 13, 2009