It is the policy of the Board that instruction will be aligned with the goals and mission of the School District, and the rules of the NH Department of Education.

Instruction will be focused on meeting the instructional needs of students with different talents, interests, and development.

The instructional program will include:

1.      Procedures for diagnosing learner needs

2.      Methods and strategies for teaching that incorporate learner needs

3.      Resource-based learning opportunities

4.      Techniques for the evaluation of student outcomes

5.      The provision of remedial instruction as needed


All instruction will reflect the acknowledgment of diversity and respect for differences.  Instruction will also include, where possible, consideration of all available community resources, including but not limited to organizations, businesses, talented individuals, natural resources, and technology to engage each student in achieving the necessary skill and knowledge. Students will be encouraged to participate in year-round learning.




Adoption Date:                        April 8, 1993

Amended:                                February 9, 2006

Amended:                                March 9, 2006

School Board Review:             December 10, 2009