Curriculum guides shall be provided for the various subject areas. These guides shall present at least a minimal outline for instruction and a basis for further development of the particular course.


In instances where state curriculum guides are mandated, they shall be followed.  In all other situations, the schools will develop courses of study, as reflected by the needs of the local situation. The guides shall be designed to assist all users in strengthening and in clarifying their philosophy regarding the teaching of a subject, and will, when possibilities for instruction, patterns of individualization, variations of approaches, and materials.


1.      Development of Guides:


a.       Curriculum guides should be initially developed by the staff and teachers who are to use them.


b.      Where entire staff participation is not feasible, a system of representatives of staff and/or departments concerned shall form committees for study, creation, and revision of any particular guide.


c.       When work is completed on a guide, the committee responsible for its development shall present it through the office of the Superintendent to the Board.


2.      Use of Guides:


a.       Curriculum guides are to serve as a framework from which a teacher will develop units of study, individual lesson plans, and approaches to instruction which will serve the pupils' particular needs at a particular time.  The guides shall be used to map the logical sequence of instruction.


b.      In subjects where sequence is important, such as mathematics, teachers shall be expected to adhere to the guide.  In subjects where sequential learning is less important, the teacher may be given a greater degree of freedom in respect to sequence.


c.       In all cases, sufficient latitude should be permitted to provide the teacher with time to teach the current, topical, and incidental which add to motivation and meaningful teaching and learning.

d.      The principal shall see that optimum use is made of available curriculum guides.




Adoption Date:                       April 8, 1993

School Board Review:            December 10, 2009