Home Education programs must meet the regulations of the New Hampshire State Board of Education as determined by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

A. The Rochester School Board recognizes that students in a home education program may benefit from specific limited activities.

    1. If a parents/guardians wish for their child to participate in a school activity, they will submit a written request to the Superintendent's Office (7) seven days prior to the activity. The request will include a rationale and schedule, and the following statement:
    2. I have read and agree with the conditions of the Rochester School Board Home Education Policy.

    3. Participation in school activities may be allowed if approved in writing by the Superintendent or his/her designee. An appeal may be made to the School Board.
    4. Home education students may have access to surplus educational and curriculum materials.
    5. The student shall be subject to all school regulations and requirements, teacher/staff requests, and the school discipline policy, including appeal procedures.
    6. Students coming onto or leaving the school grounds will do so through the school office, to ensure continuous supervision for the student during the transfer to and from the parent/guardian. If the activity begins or ends when the office is closed, the parent/guardian will submit to the Superintendent a written proposal for transfers of responsibility for the student.
    7. Students will be allowed to participate in Rochester School District curricular courses when administratively and academically feasible and appropriate. Where a request to participate is denied, the School Board will provide an opportunity for a review of the specifics of the situation.
    8. Students will be allowed to participate on school athletic teams, if they meet the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association, Inc. requirements for eligibility.
    9. Students will be allowed to participate in other extra and co-curricular activities if they meet the criteria for eligibility under School Board Policy IGDAA.
    10. Student participation in the school activities may be terminated by either party with written notice.
    11. The district is not responsible for home education students who are educationally handicapped.

B. Consultation with the staff and administration regarding curriculum and other issues will be provided by appointment.

Adoption Date: February 8, 1996