The Board believes that opportunities should be provided for all students to achieve their maximum potential.In order to achieve this, alternative programs which maintain high standards of performance are encouraged by the Board.The district will provide, as one such alternative, a ††competency based summer program.This program allows students who received a Not Yet Competent (NYC) for a course grade the necessary time and support to demonstrate mastery.Students who receive an Insufficient Work Submitted (IWS) are not eligible for the summer program.During the summer program, students will work with their advisor to create a learning plan that addresses the missing competency. Students receiving an Insufficient Work Submitted (IWS) will need to retake the class.

Summer School courses will be graded as Competent (C), Not Yet Competent (NYC), and Insufficient Work Shown (IWS).Once the student has earned a grade of Competent (C), the student will receive credit for the course and the studentís transcript will reflect a grade of Competent (C) for the course.This grade will have no bearing on the studentís grade point average (GPA).

Tuition will be charged for participation in summer school.


Adopted:††††††††† March 12, 1992
Amended:††††††† August 11, 2011