The Board believes that opportunities should be provided for all students to achieve their maximum potential. In order to achieve this, alternative programs which maintain high standards of performance are encouraged by the Board. The district will provide, as one such alternative, a night school program leading to high school diploma for adults and other students who were unable to graduate from high school with their age appropriate classmates. Tuition will be charged for participation in night school.

Additionally, regular high school students who have received a Not Yet Competent (NYC) for a course grade or an Insufficient Work Submitted (IWS) are eligible to participate in night school for credit if they are unable to repeat the course in their regular schedule or through summer school for reasons which, in the opinion of the school administration, warrant special consideration.

When high school students are approved for night school, the following conditions will apply:

  1. Students may be given permission by the High School Principal to enroll in night school classes if the credits earned may allow the student to graduate with their class.
  2. Night school courses will be graded as Competent (C), Not Yet Competent (NYC) or Insufficient Work Show (IWS).Once the student has earned a grade of Competent (C), the student will receive credit for the course and the studentís transcript will reflect a grade of Competent (C) for the course.This grade will have no bearing on the studentís grade point average (GPA).

Students who do not meet the criteria listed above will be permitted to audit night school courses for no credit.



Adopted:††† †††††††††† March 12, 1992

Amended:††††††††††† September 8, 2005

Amended:††††††††††† January 14, 2010††††††††

Amended:††††††††††† September 8, 2011