The Board is aware that class size has bearing upon effective teaching.  It therefore directs the Superintendent to work with principals in attempting to establish a reasonable and equitable class enrollment for each teacher.

The Board understands that achieving this goal is dependent upon the financial ability of the school district.  In determining the size of various classes, the administration will consider the following factors:

1.                  The type of load which will help the teacher be most effective with the children in the class.

2.                  The experience of the teacher and his or her familiarity with district programs and policies.

3.                  Required preparation and correction time for the particular class.


It is impossible to adhere strictly to a specific number.  However, for Kindergarten the class size should not exceed 22 pupils and  in grades 1 through 3 the class size should not exceed 25 pupils per classroom teacher.  In Grades 4 and 5 the number should not exceed 30.

Middle School and High School

1.                  The maximum teaching load for any teacher should not exceed 125 pupils per day.

2.                  No more than five different class preparation or six periods of class instruction be given in any school day by a teacher.

3.                  Class size shall be limited to 30 pupils, except for study halls, band and chorus, and large group instruction including lectures, combined group instruction and use of educational television and films.

4.                  In the interest of safety, the maximum number of students in laboratory classes in such areas as science and vocational education shall be determined by the number of work stations and the size and design of the area.  In no case shall the number of students in laboratory classes exceed 24.

5.                  Any time an enrollment drops below 10 students for two consecutive years (except for Special Education), this should be brought to the School Board for review.



Adopted:          April 8, 1993

Amended:        April 8, 2010