Extended Learning Opportunities


It is the policy of the Board to allow extended learning opportunities as a means to meet the diverse instructional needs of students with different talents, interest, and levels of development. All such opportunities must be aligned with the educational goals and course competencies of the school’s instructional program.

The Board’s intent is to improve student achievement in situations where regular classrooms are not practical or effective. It is hoped that such offerings will serve as a motivator for students with different learning styles.

Such opportunities may provide credit (under provisions of Policy IMBC) or supplement regular academic courses. Credits can be granted for extended learning activities, including, but not limited to, independent study, internships, and work study. Where credit is not granted, such experiences may be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements for advanced courses.

The Board directs the Superintendent and the High School Principal to establish regulations and procedures for implementing this policy that will include:

§    Application and approval process.

§    Requirements that the experience will provide an opportunity for students to acquire competencies comparable to course competencies offered at the high school.

§    Student participation in selecting, organizing, and carrying out extended learning activities.

§    Reasonable limits on the number of approved extended learning opportunities that can be administered each school year; school-wide and per student.

§    Assurance of student safety including physical and technological.

§    Assurance of equal access for all students.

§    Compliance with state and federal laws pertaining to minors.

§    Approved learning opportunities are consistent with all policies of this Board.

§    The procedure will be made available to the public.


Unless otherwise recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the Board, under ordinary circumstances, students or their parents/guardians shall be responsible for all related expenses including tuition and textbooks.


Adopted:                                  April 13, 2006

Board Review/Approved:        April 8, 2010

Amended:                                September 8, 2011