Selection Criteria

The same criteria are applied to all media, regardless of format.

The primary considerations in selection are authority, quality, and relation to the total collection.  Authority is based on the reputation of the author and publisher and the accuracy of the information presented.  Quality refers to the originality, creativity, and literary worth of a work.  Further considerations are instructional value, format, and price.

Selection Procedures

Selection of all material is based upon a variety of sources, used in varying combinations by the librarian.  These include consultation of standard book lists, bibliographies and reviewing media; suggestions from teachers, particularly subject specialists; suggestions from students and other interested in the school library; and personal examination of materials when possible.


a.                   Textbooks are not purchased by the library; however, multiple copies of certain supplementary works are purchased and circulated through the library when they will be used by more than one class.                                                        

b.                  Paperbacks are purchased to supplement the collection and to facilitate buying of multiple copies.

c.                   Periodicals and newspapers are selected to provide supplementary up-to-date information as well as recreational reading.

d.                  Materials on the history of New Hampshire are purchased whenever possible.  Because of their special nature, these will not be discarded even when they become out-of-date, but will remain part of a permanent collection.

e.                   The library does purchase some filmstrips, records, videocassettes, compact discs, and such, to supplement the collection.

f.                   The library maintains, as the budget allows, a collection of professional materials designed, but not exclusively, for teacher use.

g.                   Books in sets will be considered for purchase on the basis of the value of each individual title.

h.                  Abridgments of classics will not be purchased unless there is a unique merit in the abridged version.

i.                    Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they meet the same criteria as other library materials.

j.                    While the school library remains responsible for providing the majority of materials for student use, it will endeavor to cooperate in as many ways as possible with the Rochester City Library in order to make maximum use of resources and to avoid unnecessary duplication of purchase.

k.                  Periodic re-evaluation of the collection will be done to determine which areas need strengthening.  Worn materials will be inspected to determine whether they should be replaced.  Obsolete or outofdate materials will be removed.



Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993
Amended:                    May 13, 2010