Field Trip Emergency Check List


1.   Bring emergency forms listing:


A.  Child's parent's name and address.

B.   Parent's telephone numbers (home and work)

C.  Name, address and telephone number of other persons to be reached in case the parent cannot be reached.


2.   Know emergency medical support system for the area you are visiting:


A.  Hospital telephone numbers and locations

B.   Ambulance telephone numbers


3.   Have a plan of action in case a child or adult is injured or ill and requires medical care beyond first aid (e.g. bring an extra vehicle to transport people to the medical facility if this can't be done on the bus).


4.   Know the medical problems of children on the trip and check the Health Problems List.  For example:


A.  What do you do if a child has a diabetic reaction?

B.   Do asthmatic children have their inhalers with them if needed?

C.  Are you aware of the procedure to follow if a child or adult has a seizure?

D.  Does a child need to bring an Epi Pen for bee sting allergy and what procedure will you follow if the child is stung?


5.   Inquire of the nurse regarding children in the school on medication.


A.  Any child on medication in school (e.g. antibiotics, Ritalin, etc.) should have that medication on the field trip.

B.   The child's medication must be in the prescription bottle with all the medication in it.


Please contact your school nurse if you have any questions.


Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993