Grading Policy


The Superintendent and the building Principals will develop a grading system appropriate for the grade levels of the respective schools.The grading system will be approved by the Board and published in the Parent-Student Handbook.Any changes would require two readings at the Board level.

All grading decisions shall be made at the building level and the decision shall be final.

Grade point average (GPA) is the total number of grade points accumulated using the weighted scale, divided by the total number of credits attempted.A weighted scale is used to reward students who challenge themselves by taking more rigorous classes.A studentís class rank is determined by their cumulative GPA.For more information on GPA or a chart of the weighted scale, please see the high schoolís program of studies, website, or contact the Guidance Department.Any change to the GPA or weighted scale requires School Board approval.



Adopted:††††††††† August 12, 2004

Amended:††††††† August 12, 2010

Amended:††††††† February 10, 2011

Amended:††††††† November 10, 2011

Amended:††††††† March 14, 2013