Homework for this purpose is defined as a short term assignment given one day and due the next school day.  Long term projects, writing assignments, and reading related to a specific subject may exceed the homework guideline.


The amount of homework assigned to students shall be different for elementary, middle and high school students.  Suggested total times for daily homework are:


Kindergarten                0- 20 minutes

Grades 1-3                   0- 30 minutes

Grades 4-5                   0-50 minutes

Grades 6-8                   0-75 minutes

Grades 9-12                 0-120 minutes


Parent involvement in homework is important. It is appropriate to inform and communicate with parents about homework, but it is important to expect students to solve the problems.  Students should be responsible for content and homework completion, and parents can help facilitate the completion of the homework.


The purpose of homework shall be readily identifiable and clearly articulated.  The form and feedback provided on homework may vary depending on the purpose of the homework.  Three common purposes are:  practice skills, preparation for a new topic, and to elaborate on introduced material.  If homework is assigned for practice, it should be constructed around content with which students have a high degree of familiarity.  


If homework is assigned, it should be commented on, marked, or reviewed.  The approaches to providing feedback for homework should vary, depending on the purpose of the homework. Each homework assignment does not need to be graded, but should be collected and reviewed.  Each teacher will be expected to establish and communicate a homework policy. Building Principals will provide an outline of the school’s homework policy. Classroom teachers may modify the policy with the approval of the Building Principal. 


Each classroom teacher shall provide a homework policy to parents, as approved by the Building Principal.  The key components of the policy shall include: 

  • Homework is important and not optional. 
  • Students should be able to complete homework assignments independently. 
  • It is essential that success in school not depend on parental help on homework.  Assignments should be appropriate to complete at home. 
  • Links between home and school should be pursued, but adults should not complete the assignments.  A student may be asked to interview an adult for an assignment, or gather data to make graphs, but the student should be able to complete the assignment independently.

The policy should allow for emergencies and help students deal with those emergencies. 



Adopted:          April 8, 1993

Amended:        September 8, 2011