The Rochester School Board and the Rochester School Community, as legal and professional entities have the inherent responsibility in the determination of the promotion policies of the school. In the spirit of cooperation between the School System and the Parents in the community, parental involvement is mandated in cases of possible retention; however, the final determination lies with the Rochester School System.

Grades Kindergarten (K) – Fifth (5th)

Students receiving a majority of Not Yet Competent (NYC) and/or Insufficient Work Submitted (IWS) grades in reading and/or mathematics competencies will be required to participate in tiered intervention programs, before/after school programming and/or a school sponsored summer program before being promoted to the next grade.  If, after participating in these programs, the student still has not demonstrated competency, the school will develop a plan to address these areas of academic need either in the next grade or through retention.  The principal has the final say in grade level placement.

Grades Sixth (6th) – Eighth (8th)

In order to be promoted to the next grade, students need to demonstrate competency in all core academic areas (reading, English/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies).

A student who has not demonstrated competency in academic core will be required to attend a competency completion program to be considered for promotion.  This may include participation in the school’s summer program.

If a student does not demonstrate competency by the end of the summer program, the school will develop a plan, which will outline how the student will reach competency.  This plan may require retention.  The principal has the final say in grade level placement.

All assignment recommendations for eighth (8th) grade students must be approved in consultation with the middle school principal, Spaulding High School principal (if appropriate), and Bud Carlson Academy director (if appropriate).

If a middle school student reaches the age of fifteen (15)  prior to demonstrating eighth (8th) grade competencies, the student, his/her parents and middle school administration will meet with officials from Spaulding High School administration and the Bud Carlson Academy to develop a plan.  Options in the plan may include participation in a competency completion program, summer school, in-school support classes, after school tutoring, modifications to high school course selections, and/or single semester retention.


To be promoted to:

·         Grade 10 – students must earn a total of five (5)credits

·         Grade 11 – students must earn a total of eleven (11) credits

·         Grade 12 – students must earn a total of eighteen (18) credits



Adopted:          April 8, 1993
Amended:        November 10, 2004
Amended:        September 8, 2005

Amended:        January 5, 2012

Amended:        May 9, 2013