Online/Virtual Education

The Board may allow video-based, internet-based, and online courses as a means to fulfill curriculum requirements. Such opportunities will be implemented under the provisions set forth in
Policy IHBH, Extended Learning Opportunities. If the course is to be taken for credit, then Policy IMBC, Alternative Credit Options, will apply.

The written approval of the building principal is required before a district student enrolls in an online or virtual course that is intended to become part of their educational program. Students applying for permission to take an online course must complete prerequisites and provide teacher/counselor recommendations to confirm the student possesses the maturity level needed to function effectively in an online learning environment.

Approved courses must align with state and local standards, be delivered by staff licensed in the state where the course originates from, and contain provisions for feedback and monitoring of student progress. The district will require a syllabus, including prerequisites, specific learning goals/activities, student evaluation criteria, and a teacher responsibility to be submitted for review before the course is approved as part of the studentís educational program.

Students taking approved online courses must be enrolled in the district and must take the courses during the regular school day at the school site, unless the administration has granted approval for remote access based on special circumstances. Online courses may be taken in the summer under the same conditions as during the school year.

The school will provide appropriate supervision and monitoring of students taking online or virtual courses. One teacher may supervise no more than ten students participating in online/virtual courses.

Approved online/virtual courses must comply with all federal and state statutes pertaining to student privacy and to public broadcasting of audio and video. Confidentiality of Student Record Information will be maintained throughout the process. This includes information shared between school district representatives and the virtual school or online teacher, information shared between the school district or online teacher with students and parents, and information shared between school district representatives, the virtual school or online teacher with others.

The school district will provide safeguards for students participating in online instruction activities, and EHA, Rochester School District Computer & Communications Policy Statement, will apply.

Students earning credit for distance education courses shall participate in all assessments required by the statewide education improvement and assessment program.

Credit for the course is not recognized until an official record of the final grade has been provided to the principal or designee with input from the online teacher.

Students who violate any part of the policy or engage in any other activity that school authorities consider inappropriate are subject to disciplinary action consistent with Board policies and the student handbook.




Adopted:†††††††† April 13, 2006†††††††††††