In circumstances where the best interests of a pupil warrant a change of school or assignment, the Superintendent is authorized to re-assign a pupil from the public school to which he/she is currently assigned to another public school, or to approve          a request from another superintendent to accept a transfer of a pupil from a school district that is not part of SAU #54, under the following conditions and procedure.



1.      The parent(s) or legal guardian(s) or superintendent of another SAU shall make a written request to the Superintendent for a change of school assignment.  In the request, the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) or other superintendent shall state why the best interests of the pupil warrant a reassignment.

2.      The Superintendent shall fully consider this written request, shall meet with the parent(s) or legal guardian(s), if necessary, and shall make a decision concerning the re-assignment request.

3.      The Superintendent shall obtain a release from the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) for acquisition of the disciplinary record of the student requesting admission to the Rochester School Department and shall obtain said disciplinary record from the sending school district.

4.      The Superintendent's decision shall be based on the best interests of the pupil, as determined by the Superintendent. The Superintendent may develop administrative regulations concerning the factors that will be considered in making such a determination .

5.      If the Superintendent determines that the best interests of the pupil warrant a reassignment, he/she may approve reassignment of the pupil to (a) another school within the same school district, (b) another school district within the same SAU, or (c) a school district in another SAU, subject to the pupil meeting the admission requirements of such school, and subject to the agreement of the superintendent of the receiving SAU.

6.      The Superintendent's re-assignment decision shall be in writing, and shall be final and binding. Said written decision shall be submitted to the Rochester School Board within thirty (30) days of any reassignment made under this policy.

7.      The total reassignments or transfers made under this policy in any one school year shall not exceed one (1) percent of the average daily membership in residence of a school district, or five (5) percent of the average daily membership in residence of any single school, whichever is greater.

8.      Reassignments made under this policy which exceed the percentages provided in #7 above, must be have the prior written approval of the School Board.



Pupils reassigned under this policy shall be counted in the average daily membership in residence of a given pupil's resident school district. Said pupil's resident district shall forward any tuition payment due to the District to which said pupil was assigned.


The superintendents involved in the reassignment of a pupil shall jointly establish a tuition rate for each such pupil. Some or all of the tuition may be waived by the superintendent of the receiving district for good cause shown, or pursuant to any applicable policies of the receiving district, presuming said action is not contrary to law.


The cost of transportation for any pupil re-assigned under this policy shall be the sole responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.



The Superintendent of the pupil's resident SAU shall notify the Department of Education within thirty (30) days of any reassignment made under this policy.



When a parent(s)/legal guardian(s) believe that an initial assignment has been made which will result in a manifest educational hardship to the pupil, said parent(s)/legal guardian(s) may seek a change of assignment in accordance with RSA 193:3  I. and II., Manifest Educational Hardship.



Adoption Date:    March 21, 2002

Amended:            November 10, 2004

Amended:            September 8, 2005

Amended:            April 11, 2013