Determining Residency



The Rochester School District shall use the following criteria to determine that a parent or legal guardian resides in Rochester or district covered under the AREA Agreement.


The individual schools may request any of the following information from parents or legal guardians to ascertain proof of residency.It shall be the obligation of the parent or legal guardian to provide the information if requested.


Items Accepted to Prove Residency:

1.      Copy of a fully executed lease, together with the name and phone number of the landlord.

2.      Copy of a fully executed closing statement

3.      Telephone, electric, and cable bills

4.      Envelopes with USPS forwarding postal stickers

5.      Billing or mailing address from current doctorís bill, bank statement, or payroll check

6.      Residency Affidavit


Items Not Accepted to Prove Residency:


1.      Property tax bill

2.      Water/sewer bill

3.      Voter registration

4.      Vehicle registration

5.      Driverís license

6.      Post Office box


All newly registered students will have their residency verified and complete the Residency Affidavit, JECA-1.


Any other District that requires further verification, it is the responsibility of that District.




Adopted:†††††††† February 8, 2007

Amended:††††††† June 13, 2013