It shall be the duty of the Superintendent or the Superintendentís designee to assign students to schools.


Students shall be assigned to schools based upon their home address.The specific assignments zones shall be reviewed by the administration on an annual basis, and updated on the districtís website.

The only exceptions are listed below:


1.      Special needs of specifically coded students.

2.      Class size in each school building, understanding that the Rochester School Board goals for class size have been set at 18 in kindergarten, 22 students per classroom in grades 1, 2 and 25 students per classroom in grades 3, 4 and 5.

3.      Siblings would remain in the same school building (except in the case of the Nancy Loud School, and School Street School which do not house all elementary grades)

4.      Magnet School Assignments by policy JECC-1, Assignment of Students to Magnet Schools.

The Special Services Committee shall hear appeals of student assignments.The Committee shall make a recommendation to the Board for final approval of any change in student assignments.


Adopted:††††††††† July 17, 1997

Amended: †††††† September 8, 2005

Amended:††††††† August 13, 2009

Amended:††††††† June 13, 2013