541:A  Administration of Prescribed Oral Medications


Regulation of the State Board of Education in consultation with the Division of Public Health, New Hampshire Department of Health and Welfare, as regards students, grades one through eight and nine through twelve, who need prescribed medication during the school day.


(Promulgated under the Provisions of RSA 541:A at the November 20, 1974 Meeting of the New Hampshire State Board of Education)


Any pupil who is required to take, during the school day, a medication prescribed by a licensed physician, shall be assisted* by the school nurse or another member of the school staff, so designated by the school nurse with input from the building principal, when the school district has received and filed with the student health records:


a.   A written statement from the prescribing physician, detailing the method of taking the dosage and the time schedule to be observed.


b.   A written authorization (request) from the parent or guardian of the pupil indicating the desire that the school assist the pupil in the matter set forth in the physician's statement, accompanied by a "hold harmless" release signed by a parent or guardian.


C.  A properly labeled (from the drug store) container with no more than one week's dosage (i.e. 5 days).


Guidelines were developed to safeguard students and staff and shall be considered to be standard operating procedure in all schools in this State.  See page A1-3.


*Clarification - Having the required oral medication available to the student as needed, and observing the student as he/she takes, or does not take his/her medication.  Precautions on care and recording of medication are included in the guidelines.


Adoption Date:           April 8, 1993