KBA  (Also JOA)






In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1975 (P.L. 93-380, Section 513, as amended), the Rochester School District may release directory information without prior consent of the affected student or parent, provided each student and parent has been notified and given the opportunity to object to the release of directory information.


Directory information shall be defined as:


Student's name

Student's address

Student's telephone number

Student's date of birth

Student's place of birth

Student's major field of study

Student's height and weight

Awards and honors achieved by the student


Release of directory information without prior consent shall be restricted to school announcements, transfer of educational records to other educational institutions, and recognition such as athletic and honor roll reports.  Directory information will not be released without prior consent to organizations desiring lists of students for commercial gain and/or non-commercial recruitment and inducements for students to affiliate with the organization except that, in accordance with provisions of PL 107-110, said Directory Information will be released to Armed Forces Recruitment offices unless a parent or affected student specifically denies such release.  Parents and students will be notified of this provision at the beginning of each school year.


Prior to release of directory information, the Rochester School District will provide parents and students with an annual notice of the district's intent to release directory information and of their rights under FERPA, including


1.     The categories of personally identifiable information which has been designated as directory information.


2.     The right of the parent or student to refuse designation of any or all categories as directory information.


3.     The period of time within which the parent or student may refuse designation of directory information.


4.     The right to file complaints and procedures for doing so.



Adoption Date:     April 8, 1993

Amended:              July 11, 2002